Arna + Jholo's Wedding (29 DEC 2019)

Updated: Feb 12

They are the most real duo 💯🔥 HURRAH to the newlyweds! The true essence of satisfaction is making these couples the happiest as they're the most real ▬ made sure they need nothing to worry about as #TheBLOMSTRE N°1 bag was custom-made for their Wedding Godmothers (Ninangs of this lovely couple!)

Photo from left to right; The Groom (Jholo), My Hubby (Aaron), The Bride (Arna), and yours truly, The BLOMSTRE (Me!)

#TheBLOMSTRE N°1 is handmade artisan-produced bags using organic and vegan materials, Made in Hong Kong.

Main Materials: PU Rattan, Vegan Leather and Fiberboard Wood Handle.
Finished Product! *crying with tears of joy*

Showcasing this gorgeous crafted box, curated by #TheBLOMSTRE. Here are some of their relatives who received the bags. These are the kind of gifts that brings out the best smiles.

The couple also asked if I could personalized their Wedding Unity Candles, with the joy, of course, I said ▬ "YES! I DO!!" #TheBLOMSTRE also creates these beautiful items. I will always be proud to produce a made-with-love and made-to-last products.

We've captured some moments with #theBLOMSTRE N°1 to display different angles. And I've got two words to describe those: EFFORTLESSLY STUNNING.

I am going to make everything around me beautiful - that will be my life.” ― Elsie de Wolfe

Of course, every beauty starts within you!

And after 11 years later, they've lived happily ever after!~ I'm wishing the couple the sweetest best in the new chapter of their lives! A big love to Arna + JholoThank you for the trust!

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